2016-08-11 Server update to v245.986 and some adjustments

We did some adjustments to avoid so many easy raids.

1. Now the tamed dinos takes more damage.
2. Tamed dinos deal less damage.
3. The turrets deal more damage.
4. All player structures are x8 stronger than before.
5. When breeding, the imprinting is finally working.
6. Resources (metal, rocks, trees, etc) respawn close to player structures.

2016-08-08 Server updated! v245.98

Now the turrets do 50% more damage to make offline raiding harder, and tamed dinos take 25% more damage.

2016-08-07 Updated! Server Rules

All rules must be followed or you will be subject to being banned. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Game play rules: 

1 It is forbidden to place structures around the world simply to occupy or block the area.

2 Because we want a server with no lag, you can build as many bases as you want, but do not leave raided structures in the server because you run the risk to loose everything if I run the commands destroytribestructures and destroytribesdinos.

3 This is 100%PvP but not Armaggedon, you are not allowed to kill indiscriminately everyone and break everything so people will stop playing the server. You are collecting fruits, not burning the forest. Please only destroy what you need to get in.

4 If you plan on reporting a player for breaking the rules; have screenshots ready.

Social Rules: 

1 English and Swedish/Norwegian are the only languages that are allowed in the global chat.

2 Players who do not show respect will be banned.

3 Keep the chat clean.

4 It is forbidden to descriminate against any person because of that person's age, race, gender, national origin, religion or sexual orientation.

5 It is forbidden to advertise in the server.

6: It is forbidden to spam the chat.

7. Do not ask the admins personal questions.

2016-08-03 Everything is going well

The new code is working good, you will see that your old tamed dinos are faster and cand carry much more weigh. Moreover we reached a pick of 28 players online at once last night.


Server has crashed. We are contacting our server provider to fix it. We will be back soon.

2016-08-02 New Code and Server update

Tamed dinos should gain x2 weight and speed when leveling up! New incubating settings are implemented! Enjoy!